Thursday, March 26, 2009

About the Innkeepers - The Terrell Family

Restoration of historic Victorian homes runs in the blood of the Terrell brothers, the current owners of the Peace and Plenty Inn Bed and Breakfast in St. Augustine, Florida. You could say they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths but rather a hammer. The Peace and Plenty Inn is the seventh home they have lovingly restored from the ground up. As the product of a military family, the four boys were constantly on the move. Every four years the Terrell family embraced a new location as well as a new restoration project.

This isn't to say that the boys didn't already have a full plate. The oldest of the four, Court, was simultaneously attending law and business schools after his service in the Army as an Officer. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a practicing attorney. Clay, the second oldest, was attending Florida State University at the time. He is now the General Manager and a former Marine Officer and aviator. Chris is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. His interest in the boys' several restoration projects led him to earn a degree in Architecture. He is a former Army Officer and helicopter pilot and designs historical improvements whenever possible. Casey, the youngest of the four, is a West Point graduate and former Armor Army Officer. He currently is the Inn's Marketing Manager.

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